Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Welcome to Consolidated Rural Water District No. 3

 Established in 2004, Consolidated Rural Water District No. 3 serves 1,148 benefit units over 70 miles of 1½” through 16” water pipeline in Southern Shawnee County West of Topeka. But with roots in the area going back to 1959, we are committed to providing clean drinking water to Kansas families.    

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Detailed information on the current health order can be found at https://www.snco.us/HD/coronavirus.asp?fbclid=IwAR3-w47L8sPIhSCsG9eWPDxOh3JL_9eXOPK69JKeasu8XFOOZIBeINxlhsY

The District staff are continuing to work to ensure you have a reliable and safe water source throughout this health emergency.


Find the 2021 CCR Report in the News and Information tab (Water Quality Report)



Emergency Information

Water Main Breaks (Water bubbling up out of ditch or running into the street)  Call:  (785) 969-6490 or (785) 231-4699

No Water in Your Home

1.     Check all faucets including your outside hydrant.  If you have no water in your kitchen, but normal pressure and volume in your bathroom, you should call a plumber.

2.     If you are experiencing a sudden loss of pressure and volume in all the faucets of your home, call the office at (785) 862-3305. The pressure decrease could be caused by a break in the water main or a break in one of your service lines.  Pursuant to the District By-Laws, the line from the meter to the house is the homeowner's responsibility.

Suspicious Activity - Please call the office at (785) 862-3305 to report any suspicious activity that you witness.  This includes activity near the water mains, fire hydrants, water towers or booster pump stations.

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Office Closed - Thanksgiving

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